Thank you to you all for the care and attention you showed our dad. We have no doubt you gave him almost 4 years of life he would not have had and 4 years for us to see him and be with him.”


Of all the letters to be written this is the most difficult, because to find adequate words to express our profound gratitude for the loving care given to Ann for the time she was at Lugano is almost impossible.

From the moment she arrived in 2006 she received nothing but the best from staff, very often this meant them ‘going the extra mile’.


Although mum had dementia we are sure she knew all the staff who cared for her as she always had a ready smile for them; this in itself was proof of how happy, content and safe she felt at Lugano.


Thank you got making Mum’s last years so very happy, we shall never forget.

I am writing to express my gratitude to you and all of the staff at Lugano for giving my mother such wonderful care during the last two years of her life. We really appreciated the fact that three staff from Lugano attended her funeral at St. Mary’s and St. Michael’s Church on 12th May, it meant a lot to us that you gave up your time and we are especially grateful to staff who swapped their shifts in order to attend.


February 2012 was a difficult time for my brother and I as hospital and social services staff explained that our mother should no longer continue to live in her flat and that it would be best for her to move into a care home. I am thankful that we found Lugano which stood head and shoulders above the other homes that we considered and it was reassuring to witness the way in which she was welcomed into the Lugano community.

As you know, she had to go into hospital on a number of occasions, as well as having outpatient appointments. The thing that stands out in my mind is the welcome that Ann received each time she returned home. On her arrival, all staff greeted her personally and welcomed her back, all of which made her feel special and valued,

and such a welcome set the tone beautifully for Ann to settle into the Lugano routine once more. I especially remember with fondness the last time she returned from a stay in hospital. As Ann was weak she went straight to her room but the warm welcome remained a feature, with staff helping her into bed, others coming to greet her and with Wendy coming from the kitchen to bring her (and myself) a pot of tea and some favourite biscuits.

Also, I am impressed with the adaptability of the Lugano staff: as she became very tired towards the last ten weeks of her life and you and your staff responded to, and fitted in with her needs, doing your best to ensure that she was happy and comfortable. I have also noticed how well staff deal so seamlessly with the minor difficulties that can occur when a number of adults live in the same house. The dignity of the residents is clearly paramount and it has been a pleasure to see such professionalism in action.

I deeply appreciate the work of the blue team who supported mum and who took such good care of her, especially during her last two weeks. Similarly, other staff knew Ann very well and interacted with her in such a lovely and caring way: Augustin, Blessing, Tina, Stanlee and Reggie just to name a few, but everyone is included

in my thoughts and gratitude.

Please let your staff know just how much our family appreciate them and I am extremely grateful to you and your leadership in what must be a challenging, albeit rewarding,  job for all concerned.

(All Names omitted for confidentiality)

 The carers and staff of Lugano care home are remarkable people. They truly cared for my Nana being attentive, friendly and sincere at all times. In my Nana's final months she felt secure, respected and dignified. My family will be forever grateful for that. Lugano was not how I have always pictured a care home to be, instead it was like a big family filled house. There wasn't a sense of soulless medical facility but rather a group of incredible people caring for those they loved.

 My mother was a resident at Lugano until her death. The care at all times was exemplary, individualised to meet her needs and always ensuring her dignity was maintained. My mother was able to enjoy friendship and activities and the atmosphere was always homely. The carers were all excellent and always provided high standard of care. At times of the media coverage of poor care home it was wonderful to find a home with the highest standards with residents always central to the care and planning.

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