Dear Everyone,

Words cannot express how grateful I am for the wonderful care you gave my mother during the last year of her life.

Not only did you meet all her needs but you did it with loving kindness which is more valuable than riches. You have a wonderful caring team and you made a huge difference to the quality of my mums life. In spite of her Alzheimer's, you managed to restore her nature back to her, she always had a smile and a little dance!

I will always be grateful, thank you.”


Love BF (Residents Daughter)

January 2019

To All at Lugano,

We can never thank you enough for the care and love you all gave to our Mum, and when we say all we mean Kitchen staff, Carers and Management; in fact all who played their part in making her past years, months and weeks comfortable, calm and life affirming.

Thank you too for involving us and keeping us informed and reassured about Mums welfare.

Our mum lived for 100 years and we do believe that all of you at Lugano played a big part in helping her reach that grand age!

Lastly, thank up for being with her at the very end of her life and helping her transition as comfortably, painless and fearless as possible and for supporting us at this time.

With Love SS (Residents Daughter)


November 2019

As a family we wanted to thank you Stephanie for everything you have brought to mum to make her last few years as comfortable as possible.

Through the tough bits you listened, understood and have been determined but more than anything you cared for Mum in more than the role you hold. You have a true gift of empathy and those at Lugano are wonderfully blessed to have you at the helm.

It is rare to find such commitment and dedication to a generation that is sadly overlooked  in every day care, well chosen staff, high standards but equally bringing joy and happiness. Lugano is a family not just a care home.

Your professionalism, tenacity and most of all kindness has genuinely touched our hearts.

From a very grateful family JW (Residents Daughter)

April 2020

I write to express our gratitude for the excellent care and kindness that Lugano continues to provide Mum. All the management and staff are doing a wonderful job making Mum feel comfortable, secure and one of the family during these difficult times.

I'd like to thank Debbie in particular , she showed us to the patio area today for our brief socially-distanced contact visit. Debbie does a first class job with a warm and caring manner.

Yours Sincerely KB” (Residents Son)

July 2020

Dear Stephanie and all the team at Lugano,

We want to thank you all for giving Mum such excellent love, care and attention over her years with you. Mum was very happy living at Lugano.

Mum would have wanted us to thank you and all the staff for your warmth and love. Words cannot explain thanks adequately, but we will try.

When Mums cortege slowed down as it passed Lugano, it was moving to see so many Lugano people line the street (all socially distanced). We thank you all, and made a special mention of your kindness during Mums eulogy.

If anyone is looking for a wonderful place for an elderly relative to stay, we'd recommend Lugano without hesitation. 

We , uncle Albert and all our other relatives will miss you. We will also miss the spectacular events you organised including the summer garden parties, fireworks night and the Christmas parties.

It has been a privilege to meet all the staff and residents. We wish you well for the future.


Yours Sincerely KB (Residents Son)

August 2020

Hi Stephanie,

Thank you for your out of hours call from your home and Sue's call which immediately followed yours, this no nonsense, caring communication defines you.

You cannot imagine how much the telephone call earlier in the day from Sue meant and in the current situation allowing me, even for such a very short time, the opportunity to say everything I wanted to say to Mum from all our family in the current circumstances this was priceless. 

Going back to the day when I wasn't sure about giving up control of Mums care, you gave me the re-assuring Stephanie cuddle vowing to take total care of Mum for me. You cannot imagine the positive impact this had on my personal mental state and wellbeing, thank you.

It is not by chance or any sort of luck you have assembled such an amazing group of Carers and Catering/Laundry/Administrative staff, it is entirely because of you and the standards you set. 

Thank you once again NC(Residents Son)

September 2020

(All Names omitted for confidentiality)