Core Values


We work closely with the six broad values provided as guidelines by the Department of Health, aiming to promote the following aspects of care:





Our mission is to develop an environment in which older people can continue to live full and engaging lives, where the desires of the residents’ direct and shape the rhythm of their daily lives. We recognise that the ‘simple pleasures’ in life can never be underestimated. This is why we have implemented Consistent Assignment.


What is Consistent Assignment?


Consistent Assignment is evidenced based and in order to achieve the desired benefits (shown below) we aim for 85% shifts to be allocated to the same care partners (1 to 5 ratio of staff to residents). Currently only 10% of nursing facilities operate this system although the findings of 11 in depth studies cite evidence for consistent assignment as the foundation for quality improvement. Research shows some of the benefits include:


Benefits for Patients/Residents after one year:


  • 75% reduction in pressure sores/ulcers

  • 18% decrease in loss of life

  • 11% increase in discharges

Benefits for patients/Residents after two years:
  • 36% increase in the number of ambulatory patients/residents


Benefits for Staff after one year:
  • 29%  decreased in staff turnover

  • 26% of staff felt more accountable 

  • 40% felt more able to make and implement decisions

  • 22% felt more able to plan and map care needs

We operate 3 teams/partnerships with a ratio of approximately 1 Carer to 4 Residents. Each team works to their own agenda and residents’ decide how they want to spend their day and what kind of events they want to engage in both inside and outside Lugano. We work hard to ensure all social needs can be met and nourish mind, body and soul.




Those in our care expect to enjoy the same standards of privacy we all generally expect to enjoy. Being alone, free from intrusion and disturbance etc. are basic human rights and are reflected in our care practices and attitudes to our standards of care. By nature, being in a place of care provision can make it harder to enjoy privacy than, for example, living in one’s own home. We need to stay alert to this and sensitive to its significance.


Confidentiality, trust, freedom from gossip all contribute to both the reality and perception of privacy, which is another reason why we take such matters so seriously.


Consultations with those in our care by the following professionals, and similar others, will always be strictly in private unless specifically requested otherwise:



Social Care




Staff must always knock on the door before entering or being invited to enter a resident’s room, bathroom or toilet.


Residents may have private use of the telephone whenever they want by using the hand held cordless phone, located in the office. They may also have landline installed in their rooms.




We recognise the importance of maintaining the uniqueness and character of each and every person in our care. Thus we aim to uphold a standard of care that reflects this in practice at our Buckhurst Hill care home.


Therefore, we are careful to avoid situations for those in our care that may lead to impairment of their self-esteem and sense of worth. Where such situations might occur we seek to diffuse them gently and sensitively.


The purpose is to uphold the dignity of anyone in our care. The spirit of this extends to staff, colleagues, visitors etc.


We will not tolerate any practices that may impair a person’s dignity whilst practices that contribute positively to a person’s dignity are encouraged.



There is always the possibility that a person in our care may come to rely on being cared for more than is necessary, thereby reducing their independence unnecessarily. Therefore, we encourage those in our care to do as much for themselves as possible. Our role is to assist them with those things they find difficult or are unable to do for themselves.


This is important because we seek to promote and encourage independence as far as is reasonable rather than unwittingly foster dependence.


From time to time we will have to accept varying degrees of risk when those in our care exercise their independence and we will note such circumstances in the care plan.




We encourage those in our care to exercise as much choice and make as many decisions for themselves as possible, thereby contributing to their autonomy and fulfilment.


A variety of residents’ choices are recorded in their care plan and amended as circumstances change.


Choices could include:

  • Use of room

  • Activities

  • Social interests

  • Accepting/refusing visitors

  • Where and what to eat

  • Religious preferences

  • Aids to independence

  • Medication

  • Risk taking

  • Financial matters

  • Waking/sleeping time

  • Manner of dress

  • Arrangements for death



The emphasis placed upon rights is an integral part of the quality of care we provide. .


Those in our care are people and citizens of our country, which offers them significant rights morally, ethically, socially, politically and legally. We have a responsibility to ensure those rights are never infringed and that those in our care utilise their rights fully.


We promote and encourage those in our care to exercise their rights, which allows them to live as normal and full a life as possible. Such rights include:

  • Confidentiality

  • Dignity

  • Privacy

  • Independence

  • Choice

  • Self-esteem

  • Fulfilment

  • Respect

  • Access to Services

  • Access to information

  • Consultation

  • Involvement

  • Professional advice

  • Safety

  • Right to take risks

  • To complain

  • Emotional needs

  • Physical needs

  • Spiritual needs


All rooms can be locked if required from the inside for privacy but locks can be over ridden in case of an emergency.


Individual temperature, light and ventilation levels can be controlled in bedrooms.


From time to time there may be tensions between a person’s rights and our responsibilities for them, after all, they are, ‘in care’. We need to manage such circumstances carefully. This will involve consultation between the Manager and the person in our care together with appropriate others such as their families, relatives, health and social advisers etc. Any subsequent actions will be recorded in the care plan according to any decisions made in an informed and considered manner.[6]




Lugano Care Home Policies and Procedures/Quality Assurance file located in Office at our Buckhurst Hill Care Home