During the coronavirus pandemic the health and safety of our residents and team at Lugano is of paramount importance, as well as the wellbeing of our visitors.

We all share the responsibility to ensure that the Home can operate safely and in accordance with Government guidelines.

We will do that by:

  • Working with PHE, Health Professionals, Community Practitioners and our team to develop and share safe working practices

  • By only undertaking activities that we know to be safe and provide training for our team

  • Ensuring safe access and egress to/from the Home

  • Giving all visitors a handout on arrival to ensure they fully understand the measures in place during their visit and what is expected of them

  • Ensuring measures are in place to enable anyone visiting the Home to adhere to social distancing guidance and taking mitigating action to reduce the risk of transmission where not possible

  •  Having hygiene stations and sanitisers at the point in access and egress

  •  Offer testing in compliance with Government guidelines to ensure safe visits

  • Having robust hygiene measures in place to ensure a safe environment for all

  • Communicating with our residents, team & visitors so they are aware we are working to Government guidelines

  • Ensuring that compliance with the guidance is monitored very closely. Any visitor found to be breaching the safety measures in place will be denied access or asked to leave.

We are asking all visitors to Lugano Residence to:

  • Only come to the Home if they have an appointment and to arrive and depart on time

  • Stay at home if they have any coronavirus symptoms or are living with someone who has

  • Comply with Government guidance and consider consent to testing with a Lateral Flow Device prior to the visit.

  • Cooperate with the Home to keep people safe and sanitise their hands on arrive and when departing and wear a face covering for the duration of the visit

  • Take time to read, understand and comply with the protocol provided on arrival, in particular with regards to social distancing

  •  Take a seat in the visitors area as directed by the member of staff and do not approach other residents or members of staff during the visit


Stephanie Mirams - Manager